Stainless Steel Hardware For Your Home Security

The business in door hardware manufacturing in India is more brisk now than ever before. While a few decades ago, people rarely paid attention to what their doors looked like, now the scenario is drastically different. With a number of SS hardware manufacturers in India, we now have more options than ever before. screen capture 2017-09-21_14-55-21
The role of stainless steel hardware in making accessories has been important in making doors strong and aesthetic. This is why we see SS hardware in a lot of places – from doors, windows to even our furniture. SS hardware is also important in ensuring the safety of our home.

Today we have a number of manufacturers engaged in providing state-of-the-art security. Some of the common security hardware are:

1. Handles

There are two types of handsets here: plain and keyed. Handles are not as common these days. However, that does not make them any less effective. Handles are easy to grasp and use. Keyed handsets include a handle and a deadbolt. A plain handle will last for years. The deadbolt in a handset is more susceptible to wear and tear.

2. Knobs

Available in both plain and keyed versions, knobs are quite common these days for their compact size. Because these can easily be combined with a lock, a knob is also an efficient use of space. The knob has a latching action that unlatches when we turn the knob. The lock ensures that the knobs cannot be turned without the key. The lock is usually just a button that you have to push in. The inside knob can be turned easily to disengage.

3. Levers

Like the knob, the lever can also include a lock. The lever is simply pushed down in this case. The inside also usually has a simple disengaging action to ensure that the door can be opened easily from inside. The lock ensures that the lever cannot be pushed down without the key. The point to pay attention here is the direction of the knob. It should be in the same direction as the hinges.

4. Electronic Door Locks

A number of SS hardware manufacturers India are today also offering electronic door locks. As we pay more and more attention to our security, the electronic door lock represents one of the most coveted piece of hardware. This because the possibilities here are endless.

The manufacturer can combine a whole host of features to create one of the most comprehensive and convent locking systems. Options include touch screen, keychain remote, biometric lock and even no touch locks where a different mechanism is used to operate the lock. This could be a time-set program, smartphone activation and even remote opening from a computer. You can also connect it with a later security system that can alert the police in case of any infringement or notify you through text if the door is opened through some other mechanism.

5. Deadbolts

Even with knobs or levers, we often go for a secondary security layer, which is usually a deadbolt. These are often placed along with the another opening mechanism and used when the house is locked down. Deadbolts are of two types:

  • Single-cylinder: This deadbolt requires a key to be opened from outside, but open up without any fuss from the inside. The design is made to allow a quick exit.
  • Double-cylinder: In this model you need a key to open the door both from the inside and outside. The double layer obviously makes the door more secure. But the difficulty of opening from both inside and outside can create a serious problem in case of emergency, especially if the key is not easily accessible by everyone inside.

6. Other hardware

There are other smaller pieces of hardware that help in attaching the door to its frame and in the locking action. These include door jambs, peepholes, hinges and latches.


SS hardware manufacturers in India are today experimenting with new and improved security systems. The focus is in devising foolproof security systems that are both hard to break and easy to operate.